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From natural mango wood furniture to modern accessories, your furniture outlet adventure in Curaçao starts here!
Your furniture outlet adventure starts here!


We understand that the atmosphere and appearance of your accommodation play a crucial role in the guest experience. That's why we offer custom orders of mango wood furniture and chairs that bring your vision to life.

Whether it's about

  • large-scale purchasing of mango wood furniture to furnish your resort;
  • adjustments of existing models to more unique furniture that, for example, determines the first impression in your lobby;
  • creating tasteful dining spaces that enhance culinary experiences;
we are ready to support you in every aspect of your project.

Lead time

Please note that large-scale projects and orders require time and dedication. After proper coordination with you, we discuss the options with the factory. After this, the factory works with precision to ensure that every piece of furniture meets our standards. As a result, the delivery time for custom-made furniture for projects is around 5-6 months.

Let's work together to transform your resort or hotel into a unique destination that guests will want to visit again and again. Contact us to discuss your large-scale accommodation furniture project and bring your vision to life. signature Franks Stullen