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From natural mango wood furniture to modern accessories, your furniture outlet adventure in Curaçao starts here!
Your furniture outlet adventure starts here!


Maintaining mango wood

If you choose to invest in mango wood furniture, you naturally want to ensure that it remains beautiful for as long as possible.

The secret to long-lasting beautiful furniture is not as complicated as you might fear. Mango wood can be maintained with oil and beeswax, among other things.

The best tip is to be especially careful when maintaining mango wood. If you want to clean the furniture, a slightly damp cloth is usually sufficient. In most cases, this will go a long way.

With the following tips you will ensure that your cupboard, table or sideboard will be a mango wood showpiece for years to come.

How do you maintain mango wood?

Despite the fact that mango wood can in principle withstand water well, it is not a good idea to grab a bucket of soapy water. The wood benefits more from a slightly more careful approach. To keep your mango wood furniture as beautiful as possible, you can keep the following tips in mind:

  • Wipe with a slightly damp cloth, preferably a cloth without stitches to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid cleaning supplies with a rough surface.
  • Do not use furniture polish or cleaning products that contain silicone, as these can dry out wood over time.
  • Do not maintain mango wood with cleaning products that contain ammonia.
  • When using liquid or spray furniture polish, make sure that no residue is left on a piece of furniture, as this can cause discoloration.
  • As you can see, careful cleaning is actually the most important thing when maintaining mango wood. You're nowhere without a slightly damp cloth! If you follow these tips, that cloth will often be sufficient.

If a large amount of water ends up on the furniture, wipe the wood dry as quickly as possible to prevent rings and stains.

Of course, something can always happen that requires something more than a slightly damp cloth...

Oil: extra protection

Sometimes you just want to do a little extra. In principle, it is not necessary to treat the wood additionally, because the furniture we sell has all already been treated against stains and moisture.

If you want to give your furniture extra protection, this can be done with mango wood oil.

Before treating the entire piece of furniture, it is advisable to always test a small amount on an inconspicuous spot. Let the product dry thoroughly so that you can really see what effect the treatment will have on the mango wood, so that you are not faced with any unpleasant surprises when treating the piece of furniture.

Beeswax can also be used to give your mango wood table, cupboard or sideboard an extra boost and is a good alternative to mango wood oil.

Beeswax: a boost

As with most purchases, the piece of furniture may lose a bit of its shine over time. In this case, mango wood can offer a solution. Beeswax gives the mango wood a boost so that it regains its old shine. The grains also become more visible so that the contrast in the warm type of wood is even more eye-catching. Beeswax can also cause the wood to darken slightly, so keep this in mind.

If you want your mango wood furniture to be a bit darker, you can also opt for dark wax (as opposed to transparent beeswax). Just like with the oil, it is useful to first test the beeswax on a spot that is, as it were, hidden, so that you can judge for yourself the effect of the treatment before you tackle the entire piece of furniture.

Use a cloth to spread the wax over the wood and watch the wood revive under your fingers! In addition to giving the wood a second life, the wax also provides a protective layer.

The Beeswax we use in the store is this:

With proper maintenance you can enjoy mango wood furniture for longer

Ultimately, properly maintaining your mango wood furniture is not that difficult at all, and it ensures that you can enjoy the furniture you have brought into your home for even longer. The most important thing is to prevent scratches, circles and wet spots. In addition, you can give the wood a boost every now and then.

Have fun with your mango wood furniture!